Heavenly Purity

by:Perfect Wedding Furniture     2020-08-07
Overview Imperial Palace named the latter part within the inner court, the emperor and concubines live entertainment companies. Line with the inner court belonging to the former palace among the Qing door dry, dry clean the for the former south, north in the inner court. Dry clean a glass screen wall within door, the Qing Dynasty 'Imperial door hearings' are to be found. Gate of Supreme Harmony Hall doors are clean and dry form, although name on the door, towards a discount with affairs the actual planet Ming Dynasty emperors are in the Gate of Supreme Harmony, the Qing Dynasty when the emperor towards a greaet deal with political affairs was changed to dry clean the doorway. Neiting to Qing, Jiao Tai Dian, Kunning for the center, east and west wings in the Eastern Palaces Palaces, the emperor handle daily affairs of state is the Emperor and Empress of the residence of. In the latter part of your architectural style in the first half. Building the image within the first half is really a serious, solemn, majestic, magnificent, to symbolize the supremacy from the emperor. There messy part of the Ting Zefu breath of life, mostly from the building into a courtyard, a garden, library, museum pavilion, rocks and so entirely on. Ningshou Gong east side of the interior court of the Qianlong emperor abdicated when the overlord of the pension after the palace, two silver and 1.1 million construction cost. The Palace of Heavenly Purity Palace of Heavenly Purity in the Forbidden City Hall of Preserving Harmony in chambers behind the front. Palace of Heavenly Purity is the inner court main hall, 20 meters increased. Zhong Yan Dianding veranda. Middle for this throne of the house, there are 'above board' plaque. After this piece of plaque your market Qing Emperor Yongzheng, the name with the place where heir, Prince Yongzheng in an effort to prevent competition regarding the throne and kill each other, employing a secret method of storage spaces, for heir to the throne during his lifetime to write down on the list box in the , a place 'above board' board, the one carried by the emperor, the emperor to be publicly announced very first death of the emperor heir to begin the box. The two are in the Palace of Heavenly Purity Snappers. The emperor reading, sleeping place. Snappers in the western world Palace of Heavenly Purity 27 beds up and down both sides of the place, freedom chosen by the emperor, is said this can prevent the assassin assassination, Palace of Heavenly Purity is a feudal emperor's palace. Kangxi emperor lived here before and deal with affairs of state. Qing Emperor Yongzheng gone to live in after the Hall of Mental Cultivation, but still marking Memorial on this, and summoned the subjects as selected officials. Palace of Heavenly Purity things regarding the veranda, as well as storage for your emperor crown, robe, belt, shoe's Duanning house, place of Mao Qin Dian books calligraphy. South Prince of reading on the veranda with the study, there is value of the Southern Imperial Academy study responsibilities. Kunning Kunning in the Forbidden City 'in chambers' last. Zhong Yan Dianding terrace. Palace of the Ming Dynasty Queen Kunning, two have Snappers. Qing Dynasty to ritual attractions. Yongzheng, the West Snappers for the shaman's ritual environments. Middle East Snappers wedding bridal chamber for the emperor, Kangxi, wen, Guangxu DDD, are locked in this wedding.
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