How To Create Themed Wedding Table Plans In Half The Time

by:Perfect Wedding Furniture     2020-05-24
Weddings are all about the Bride and Groom; why shouldn't wedding table plans be about the Bride and Groom too? Remarkably this essential aspect of any successful wedding reception is often left out of the fun and a great opportunity missed to indulge in the couple's unique character, preferences, passions or pastimes. Many people would look at wedding table plans and see very little potential for fun. After all, essentially they're simply diagrams showing where the tables are, and who is sitting where. It's purely functional and there's no need for embellishment. Certainly for some people this is fine, and simplicity works best. However, for some people there's an opportunity here to really go to town and make a real difference. Wedding table plans can be as unique and individual as the Bride and Groom, and many of the more successful or innovative ones have not only remained talking points, but legends on the web as people discover the ideas, and adapt them for their own weddings. There are two ways of thinking about how you can adapt your seating plan and create something unique and individual. The first is to look around at examples of unusual table plans, the web being one of the easiest places to find such examples. Although you probably won't want to copy the idea exactly, you'll almost certainly be able to think of ways in which you could take the basic idea, and give it your own twist. The other way is to start with the Bride and Groom, and think about your own unique interests and shared passions. Perhaps you're both deeply in to murder mysteries, gardening or cocktails? Any of these, and many more, make ideal starting points for interesting wedding seating plans. But where do you begin once you have a basic starting point such as one of those? Many people say that creating customised wedding table plans is hard because it means that they can't use the computer based software solutions which makes creating table plans so much easier. In fact there's no reason why you can't have the best of both worlds. Computer based solutions can help you get the difficult and tedious stuff sorted out, including how the tables can be set out, and where everybody can sit. Once you've got this, you can use it as a template, creating a decorated, themed version based on the layout and seating arrangements you've already sorted out. So how would a murder mystery theme work out in such a case? First of all, use a software tool to create a table layout. You might decide to base the layout of the tables on the layout of a Cluedo game board, creating walls, corridors and rooms. Then you can name the tables, perhaps 'Kitchen', 'Billiard Room' and 'Study'. Next, use the computer to place everyone in suitable locations, bearing in mind any restrictions of the room, or particular needs people may have. When you've done that you can work on three more things - how to decorate the tables, how to create the place name cards and how to decorate the final table plan. Using the computerised plan you can either create the final seating chart yourself if you're artistic, or seek the help of an artistic friend (or college art student!) Perhaps the place name cards could be silhouette cutouts of the famous murder weapons, such as candlesticks and daggers, and the tables scattered with suitably themed clues, such as toy candlesticks, daggers, wills and magnifying glasses. In fact, it's remarkably easy to create unusual and fun wedding table plans, whilst still benefitting from the time saving benefits of computer based seating plan creators.
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