How to Maintain Glass Dining Tables

by:Perfect Wedding Furniture     2020-06-09
Because of their elegant looks glass dining tables are becoming popular among consumers and because the elegance lies in the glass surface it is becoming increasingly important to properly maintain the surface. Let's take a look at few things you can do to keep your glass table in its proper condition o Use table mats, coasters - Prevention is better than cure and the best way to maintain your glass table is to prevent it from getting scratched. If you keep your dishes etc directly on top of the table then there is no way you can avoid scratches. Instead use table mats and coasters to keep dishes. Also table mats and coasters comes in different styles and colors and they can be easily used to add more color to your dining table. o Use trivets for hot things - It is a good idea to use trivets for hot dishes and soups. Since most glass surfaces are tempered this isn't a necessity, but better safe than be sorry. o Use sponge and a quality glass cleaner - It's a good idea to use a sponge instead of clothes and a quality glass cleaner can add that extra zip to your effort. o Remove scratches using a buffing wheel - This is an effective way of removing small scratches. For large very visible scratches you might have to get professional help. o Remove small chips using emery paper - Sometime small chip like things might be left in your table which is a bit hard to remove , you can use emery paper to remove those but be careful not to scratch the surface.
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