Silver or Plastic? Choosing the Right Wedding Flatware

by:Perfect Wedding Furniture     2020-06-03
As any wedding guest knows, the wedding accessories can make all the difference between a well-polished wedding and reception and a complete disaster. Sure the flowers and the dress and the tux matter, but it is the accessories that make the guests feel like a part of the special day. Wedding table settings are no different. For many, there are a few different options when it comes to getting the reception off the ground. Table settings are incredibly important as guests will spend the majority of the time staring at their place setting as they wait for their turn to dance on the dance floor. Most wedding planners will push silver or steel implements on their customers, claiming that they are far superior to plastic or other, cheaper options. Though silver or stainless steel implements may seem as if they scream this wedding was very expensive, it may do better to simply save your money and spend it on plastic utensils. Odds are that by the end of the night dozens of spoons, knives, and forks will have made their new home in the garbage bin either on purpose because of some mischievous child or on accident in the middle of all the commotion. If the wedding planner is handling the details and real metal implements is out of the question, it is important that couples stand their ground. If the reception is being held at a venue that caters the food and provides the place settings there is really nothing that the bride and groom can do to change the silverware. For those couples that are hosting their own reception however, plastic may be far more economical than silver or stainless steel. If couples are dead set on silver or stainless steel simply because it looks expensive, there are plastic options that are designed to look like authentic silver and stainless steel implements. This silverware gives the impression of expensive flatware without all the added expense that is associated with finding and purchasing one hundred sets of silverware. Plastic also reduces the amount of cleanup at the end of the night and makes it far easier to brush off a spoon or fork getting thrown away before the meal is complete. On top of that, plastic flatware is far less dangerous in children's hands than other options. Though authentic silverware does seem a bit more fitting for a wedding, it is not always necessary. Sometimes, using plastic is a great way to save money, reduce hassle and stress, and make the night just a bit more enjoyable.
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