Six Steps To The Perfect Wedding Table Plan

by:Perfect Wedding Furniture     2020-05-23
Creating a wedding table plan needn't be the headache that many people make it out to be. All you need to create the perfect wedding table plan is a plan. That's right, plan to create a plan, and you'll find the whole thing a good deal easier to plan! In this article we'll look briefly at the six steps needed to ensure that everything goes smoothly. The first step is to make sure you have your guest list accurately completed. Keep a copy of your guests' names, and tick them off as they return their RSVPs or let you know they're definitely coming. Try to follow up anyone who hasn't confirmed whether they'll be there or not after about three weeks following the invitations being delivered. Be aware though that circumstances change, and people move away, fall ill or separate, and are no longer able to make it. A wedding table plan shouldn't be cast in stone until almost the last minute. This is a mistake some people make, and it can cause a lot of problems. Unless you're a technophobe, using a computer is a great deal easier than using pen and paper to create a seating plan. There are a number of useful online sites offering software you can use to make the whole process of juggling your guests a good deal simpler and being able to upload your existing list spares you from the risk of typing someone's name incorrectly. It's all too easy to do! The next step is to create a plan of where the tables will be. Hopefully you will already have made a note of the size, shape and limitations of your reception venue, and you'll be aware of the shape and number of tables at your disposal. Don't guess - if you're not 100% certain, then re-visit the venue and check. Look to see where the toilets are, where the speakers will need to be and where the entrances and exits are. Some people will need to be close to the exits, some near the toilets, and others fairly far away from the blast of the speakers. Planning to use square tables positioned together to create long banquet tables is fine, but if you then discover the tables are round you can find your whole plan falling apart very quickly. Check, check and check again! Once you have positioned the tables on your plan, the fourth step will be to start putting your guests' names on each table. Most online tools and wedding table plan software will let you simply drag and drop each of your guests into a seat. You can even make a note of whether they're male or female, so that you can alternate people appropriately. Some software tools automatically colour the males blue and the females pink so that you can tell at a glance whether you have managed to get people seated appropriately. The fifth step is to do nothing. Don't finalise the plan, don't assume it's all completed, and don't send copies of it off anywhere. Just wait. Because it's inevitable that the plan will need to be changed based on individual unforeseen circumstances. The benefit of using a computer based tool is that when a change does occur you can click, drag and drop, and have the plan changed in minutes, not hours. The sixth step will be the final step, and can be completed close to the big day itself. Once all of the minor changes have been made, simply print off copies of your plan, and distribute these where appropriate. Give a copy to the venue to help them with seating people and with serving, and you may wish to print a large version out for display near the entrance. Six easy steps to creating the perfect wedding table plan without the headache!
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