Using Flowers in Table Settings

by:Perfect Wedding Furniture     2020-06-03
Wedding accessories are incredibly important when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere both during and after the wedding itself. Wedding table settings are perhaps the easiest way to give any reception or post wedding celebration the look and feel that the bride and groom have been striving for through the long weeks of planning. While many couples leave the place settings up to the planner, there are a few different things every couple should consider to help jazz up the boring and often sterile place settings that are common in most reception venues. Adding flowers to a table setting is the perfect way to make any setting come to life and to help tie the reception to the wedding a bit more cohesively. When using flowers there are two distinct options that any couple has, silk or fresh; each option has benefits and draw backs that are uniquely their own and that should be understood fully prior to making the decision. Looking first at silk flowers, silk flowers are always far less expensive than fresh cut flowers, they stay fresh forever and do not wilt as the party or days leading up to it pass, they are not governed by the rules of nature which means that you can have just about any color or style without much trouble, and they are easy to get any time of year. All that being said, they can also be far less appealing than fresh flowers; though they do look like real flowers to an extent, they are not necessarily as vibrant, realistic, or colorful as a fresh flower might be. It is important that when you choose to use silk flowers it is not expected that they will look exactly like a fresh flower might. Moving now to fresh flowers, they are beautiful, they are fragrant, and they are often very comforting and can help add elegance to any reception or event. It is also far easier to match fresh flowers than it is to match silk flowers as different manufacturers use different dyes and the colors may not be fully consistent. Though there are plenty of pluses there are also minuses, the first being the price. Fresh flowers are nearly always at least twice as expensive as silk flowers and they last for only a few days. There is a very small window of opportunity with a fresh cut flower and planners must move quickly to get them ready in time. If you have a bit of extra time and money, fresh flowers are fantastic, but if you are working on a time constraint and a budget, silk is the way to go.
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