Wedding Tables

Our tables are made of steel, PVC, marble, and/or glass.  Perfectly match traditional handicraft with contemporary manufacturing equipment. We first start with the highest quality materials, shaping them by hand and machinery into the beautifully designed products. Because there is little to no automation in the production, we are able to customize any product to your specifications. Our use of skilled craftsmen rather than automation in production also provides more jobs for our community. By using the state of the art vacuum plating process, we can change the color of the stainless steel to either gold or rose gold. The colors are absorbed into the stainless steel at the molecular level and will not scratch off. You have a choice to choose from several colors of marble or faux marble, tempered glass in clear, black, white or PVC.

Round Stainless Steel Dining Table

Big Round Wedding Dining Table

Half Round Wedding Dining Table 

Stainless Steel Wedding Dining Table

White Marble Rectangle Dining Table 

Black Glass Rectangle Dining Table

Glass Wedding Dining Table 

White Marble Dining Table 

Other Wedding Furniture

Foshan Perfect wedding Furniture Co., Ltd, was established in the year 2008. We are a professional manufacturer of high quality stainless steel wedding furniture, such as wedding dining tables and wedding chairs, wedding pedestal stand and other products for the dining room and living room.  We pay great attention to R&D, quality control, manufacturing processes, and human resource management. Our products perfectly match traditional handicraft with contemporary manufacturing equipment. The use of modern equipment promotes the manufacturing efficiency, and the traditional handicraft makes every small detail better. By adding our own characteristics, we create a type of “craftsmanship spirit” to all our products.

Application Case

Our products using stainless steel 304 for the structural frame can be used either indoors or outdoors. Stainless steel 304 can withstand the rigors of any weather condition. If you do not plan to use the products outdoors, then we can use stainless steel 201. Marble or faux marble, tempered glass, and PVC of various thickness can be added according to your needs or cost requirements. They come in various shapes and sizes to fill your large auditorium or a cozy dining room. In simple or elaborate designs. If there is a specification or material you require that we don't normally carry, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. We believe you will be happy with our products, and strive to give the best customer service possible.

Certified SGS & Short Production Time & Attractive Price

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