Wedding or Business? Simply a great Idea!

by:Perfect Wedding Furniture     2020-06-21
I recently gone to a friend's friend wedding where I, in fact, we had been amazed to look for a different theme. Is actually a ritual with Christian weddings, a single is to gift something edible, this ritual is referred to as 'Favor'. So, here, the theme from the wedding itself was the 'Favor Chocolate Wedding'! The dining hall was a sight to sit back and watch. The ceiling was love a melted chocolate and the pot pouri inside the room was a combination of wine and gourmet chocolates. At first, I felt such an overdose of chocolates probably will make me hate them, but as time passed, I was enjoying the different fragrances of assortment of of chocolates pouring in and the idea a scintillating experience altogether. In the middle were the wedding table centers, and also in the middle individuals were delicious, delicious variety of chocolates from all over the world. There were Belgian chocolates, liqueur chocolates, chocolates with almonds and fruits, chocolate custards with mouthwatering fruits. It was simply a delight to watch! I definitely was in every applauds for the wedding planner for a new great job. A gourmet theme, the great success, was something I we hadn't seen ever before getting to. In fact, I saw many kids taking an possible opportunity to collect some chocolates and take it back! It was so cute! As a matter of fact, Personally was tempted for once, to take a few of them for myself! Later on I went an inquired about why such a craze for a chocolate themed reception. I learnt that bride had a side business as well as a hobby of collecting chocolates from all on the world. It was such an intelligent move, if you notice. The wedding had been footfall of more than a thousand people and it was a great opportunity for the couple to promote and expand their business. And according to the reactions among the people, I gathered it was a lot of a great results. People inquired and exchanged plastic. In fact, there were cards at the side of the table tops to pick in. I guess not everyone knew merely behind this. But it's great to see how such business ideas pick up in people's minds. I'd a great period and look forward read more such interesting good ideas!
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