Wedding Table Decorations - What To Choose

by:Perfect Wedding Furniture     2020-05-28
So the time has come to think about what your tables will adorn at the reception. Are you going for a traditional look, a more flamboyant style or maybe something simple but chic? What ever you choose, you will need to think about many aspects before ordering anything. First and most importantly, your colour scheme; you need to ensure that you co-ordinate the colour scheme carefully with balloons, napkins, flowers etc at the reception venue. Also, make sure that the venues curtains or existing d?�cor will not ruin your overall effect that you are going for. If they have pink curtains which dominate the room, how will that look being the backdrop to red decorations or vice versa!? Most reception venues do have a fairly simple colour scheme but just make sure you have visited and asked if the d?�cor colour is staying in case they have any impending re vamping of the venue! Think about the lay out of the tables. You don't want to have massive decorations in the middle of the tables so that tables at the back of the room cannot see the top table. Fresh flowers or silk flowers? Fresh flowers will add to the aroma in the room but can be hard to keep looking fresh if you are marrying in a hotter climate or time of year. Silk flowers would make a nice memento for a select few people. I would suggest leaving a card attached to the display with one name per table on the envelope. This will add to that person feeling very special and honoured by the token of your gift to them. If necessary, add a few words to the card to thank that person for any help or support they have given you.
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